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Separation technologies play a pivotal role in addressing several global sustainability challenges, including enhancing energy efficiency and mitigating climate change. The Centre for Separation Technology is a network that provides various industries with support in innovation, funding, analysis, and laboratory work for their business-critical R&D projects.

CST can offer the ground-breaking research required to elevate your product or process development. We also assist in applying for funding, conducting physical and chemical analyses, and providing the laboratory facilities you need to bring your project to fruition.


CST provides a singular platform where academia and various industries can jointly advance their shared interests in the field of separation technologies.

Funding opportunities for research projects


The Centre for Separation Technology is your go-to network for gaining insights and guidance on securing funding for your R&D project. Our network boasts extensive experience in navigating the journey from research to industry-applicable solutions.  We can aid in identifying optimal funding opportunities at each stage of your project.

CST assists in building the necessary project consortia, with funding options encompassing Business Finland, EU Horizon, EIT RawMaterials, The Finnish Research Impact Foundation, and various other institutes.

To learn more about available funding opportunities, please contact Katja Lahikainen.


Expertise for specific R&D needs


Through LUT University’s facilities in Finland, the Centre for Separation Technology can address the industry’s most challenging needs with comprehensive analysis and laboratory work. Commission an analysis or development project and take advantage of our unique 2,800 square metre laboratory space, which facilitates laboratory and pilot-scale product development and testing.

Collaborate with our students on projects, internships, and thesis works to foster innovation. By partnering with CST, you gain access to world-class research infrastructure without the need for a significant investment.

To commission an analysis or development project, please contact 

Laboratory and analysis services: Markku Rahikainen

Student works: Katja Lahikainen


Read about an example of student work commissioned by one of our clients:

LUT Bachelor’s student helps Finnish industry uncover secrets behind the ageing of plastics


Innovation through a multidisciplinary network of professionals


The Centre for Separation Technology serves as a bridge for both businesses and academic professionals, fostering the advancement of ground-breaking research and development. Connect with leading minds in the field and receive invitations to relevant events, from intimate workshops to international scientific conferences.

Collaborate with our experts, who specialize in biorefining, food processing, minerals and metals, P2X and water treatment technologies, to nurture your R&D project and give it the boost it needs.

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CST can support us in so many ways that we consider them to be a strategic partner for us. We have seen, time and time again, that great things happen when we work together.
Simo Manninen
Vice President of Business Management, Roxia

Our focus areas in separation technologies

The Centre for Separation Technology’s extensive network of professionals bridges the gap between academic research and the evolving needs of businesses in various sectors, including biorefining, food processing, mining and minerals, P2X, and water treatment technologies.

About the Centre for Separation Technology

Established in 1997, CST serves as a bridge between industry and academia in the realm of global separation technologies, both today and in the future. Our inclusive and dynamic community includes large multinational corporations and top-tier universities. The CST board comprises four members from industry and four from LUT. Supported by funding from LUT, CST’s operations offer benefits to both the university and its partner companies.

CST Board

CST board has eight members, four of whom are external to the university community, and four have been elected from different groupings within the university. The term of office of the board is from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2025.

Members external to the university

Jukka Koskela

President & CEO, Roxia

Kimmo Järvinen

Managing Director, Association of Finnish Steel and Metal Producers

Sari Mannonen

Senior Vice President of New Business and Hydrogen, Helen

Tero Tupakka

CEO, Ekomuovi & KMV Tuotteet

Members elected from the university community


Examples of companies and institutions active in the CST community.