Non-tenure track positions include the following

  • Doctoral student (1+3 years)

    Doctoral students are appointed based on open international competition. The position is filled for a fixed term of 1+3 years. 
  • Post-doctoral researcher (1+3 or 2+2 years, two terms possible)

    Post-doctoral researchers are first appointed for fixed terms of 1+3 or 2+2 years and are then eligible for a second fixed term of four years. Advancement is based on criteria set in performance and development discussions and recorded in writing. 
  • Associate professor (4 years or permanent)

    Post-doctoral researchers may be promoted to a fixed-term (four years) associate professor's position based on an internal promotion review. The position may emphasise either research or teaching.
Non tenure LUT University

Evaluation criteria

Advancement on the tenure track is based on promotion reviews which evaluate the following areas: 

  • scientific research 
  • academic education 
  • societal impact 
  • academic leadership
  • acquisition of external funding 
  • activity in the scientific community.