Digitalisation – including robotisation, artificial intelligence applications, and big data – is transforming the way people and society work and is creating new career opportunities for social scientists.

Meanwhile, the working world and businesses need experts to address the challenges and interconnectedness of systems involving areas such as energy, food production, water, natural resources, transport and mobility, which are crucial to society and people's well-being.

LUT's social scientists are solving the problems of the future and the sustainability crisis at the interface of people and technology. In social sciences, you'll get a well-rounded education in new technologies and the systems that are critical to society.

As a graduate, you will be able to build a future where they solve grand global challenges and renew society responsibly. Research and education in the field will be developed together with international partner universities.

Social sciences introduce a new kind of culture and thinking into LUT's education and research. It will also undoubtedly increase students' mutual understanding of the importance of multidisciplinarity.

Social sciences programmes

You can choose from two programmes in social sciences and one in communication sciences.

Social sciences

Communication sciences