First day of classes

Students are expected to be present on the first day of classes. Absence is excused only in cases of illness or emergency.

Obligatory attendance

The LUT Summer School takes place during three intensive weeks. Lectures are based on the active participation of the students, and therefore, daily attendance is required in all courses.

Attendance sheets

Attendance is registered in class daily: all students present sign their names on an attendance sheet.

Unforeseen absence

In case of unforeseen absence (e.g. due to illness), the student must inform the LUT Summer School staff or the teacher as soon as possible.

Consequences of absences

Admission to take the final exam in all courses requires a minimum attendance of 80 percent (the absence may not exceed 20 percent, regardless of the cause).

Students who have been absent for more than 20 percent of the lectures in a course will not receive a certificate of participation for having attended the course.

Add–drop policies

To add a course, switch courses, or withdraw from a course, students must inform the LUT Summer School staff and the lecturer.