Master's thesis is the final work for Master's degree in which the student will benefit widely the skills and knowledge acquired in the Master's studies in order to solve a specific challenge. Master's thesis is one of the strongest ways to transfer to the working life after graduation.

Every year about 800 Master's thesis are done at LUT University. Most of them are commissioned by companies or other organizations.

Why to commission a Master's thesis?

For companies and other organizations the Master's thesis offers a possibility to

  • get wider challenges or tasks done through student work
  • get access to new information and apply theory to practical challenge and
  • get to know a potential future employee and recruit him/her.

What kind of topic is suitable for a Master's thesis?

Wider design, development or research topics are suitable for Master's thesis. The variety of topics is wide. However, the topic needs to be directly linked to the content of the Master's programme. Check the previous Master's thesis at LUT University at LUT Pub system.

The length of a Master's thesis is about 80-100 pages and the time reserved for it is about 6 months of work. Masters's thesis are almost without exceptions done as individual work.


Advertise a Master's thesis postition

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