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The following information does not apply to the LUT cooperated programmes in Software Engineering  and Chemical Engineering as they are following their own scholarship policies. Kindly visit the programme websites for further information.

Tuition Fee for Master's programmes


Early Bird discount / First academic year

When required to pay a tuition fee, you are offered

  • an Early Bird Discount of EUR 6 000 

for the first academic year if confirming your place and paying the rest of the tuition fee of EUR 7 500  within 21 days from the date of having been emailed the official email for being admitted.

Early Bird discount is available in both Regular Admission and Early Admission.


LUT Scholarship / Second academic year

When required to pay a tuition fee, you are offered

  • LUT Scholarship of EUR 6 000

for the second academic year if having completed a minimum of 60 ECTS credits of studies included in the personal study plan during the first academic year.

With the LUT Scholarship the tuition fee is EUR 7 500 for the second academic year.

The required ECTS credits will be automatically checked for and they must be included on your Transcript of Records by the end of the first academic year i.e. by 31 July.


The Fulbright - LUT Graduate Award

Students with a nationality of the United States of America who hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or are about to complete one can apply to the Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

Successful applicants will be awarded a Fulbright - LUT Graduate Award by The Fulbright Finland Foundation.

Further information on applying for a Fulbright Graduate Award

Fulbright Student Program - Getting Started
The Fulbright Finland Foundation

In case of required to have a preliminary statement about being eligible to apply, kindly contact LUT Admissions Services at admission@lut.fi .