• Scientific publications 1 084
  • Number of Master's degrees awarded: 933, of which 670 were Master of Science degrees in Engineering and 263 were Master of Science degrees in Business Administration
  • Number of Bachelor's degrees awarded: 471, of which 324 were Bachelor of Science degrees in Technology and 147 were Bachelor of Science degrees in Economics and Business Administration
  • Number of Doctoral degrees awarded: 57, of which 47 were in technology and 10 in business
  • Number of undergraduate and postgraduate students: 7 770
  • 98 different nationalities
  • Number of students in continuing education: approx. 621
  • Number of students in the Open University: 701
  • Total staff: 1 380
  • Academic staff: 788
  • Financing for 2023: Ministry of Education basic financing 60.7 M€ and supplementary financing 58.0 M€

Among the world's top universities

The world’s top 10 university in climate action (THE Impact Rankings, SDG 13)
Among the world's top 200 universities for global impact (THE Impact Rankings)
Among the world's top 300 universities (THE World University Rankings)
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International comparisons and university rankings

LUT takes part in university rankings to compare the university's research performance, education quality and international relations with those of other universities.