In an internship, the student will get familiar with the tasks and work environment of his/her own field, practice the skills and knowledge acquired in the studies, and develops the general skills and networks needed in the working life.

At LUT University, the students are able to include an internship period to their elective studies at Bachelor's and Master's level. The most common way to do this is to accreditate a summer job period. Most of our students have summer jobs and they are one of the strongest ways to create networks to get employed after graduation.

Why to offer an internship position?

For companies and other organizations internships offer a possibility to

  • use students as an extra resource especially during the summer but also during the academic year and
  • get to know new potential employees and recruit them.

What kind of tasks are suitable for an internship?

The content of an internship for the Bachelor's degree is not strictly defined. However, internships in our own study fields are preferred. For the Master's degree, both the content and level of internship need to be directly connected to the field of studies.

Typically, the duration of an internship is about 2-4 months and they take place between May and August. Part-time and distance work internships are also possible during the academic year.

We are happy to receive internship positions for both Bachelor's and Master's levels and from all our study fields.


Advertise an internship postition or ask for help

The quickest way to reach our students is to add your internship offer to our JobTeaser job portal.