The registration for the LUT Summer School 2024 is open. Link to apply

Admission requirements

  • Bachelor's and Master's students in the fields of technology and business. Make sure you meet course prerequisites given in the course descriptions.
  • Fluency in English (min. level B2). All courses are taught in English, and sufficient English language skills are needed to follow lectures and participate in group works. No tests are required.


The LUT Summer School fee is composed of tuition and accommodation fees.

For partner university students or students of a visiting lecturer's university
Tuition fee: 1 week EUR 669, 2 weeks EUR 769, 3 weeks EUR 869.

For non-partner university students
Tuition fee: 1 week EUR 779; 2 weeks EUR 879, 3 weeks EUR 979.

Tuition fee includes attending the courses, 1 lunch/day and social activities.

The LUT Summer School does not offer scholarships to attending the courses. However we calculate 10% off from tuitions if there will be over 5 students from your home university. So invite your group mates to come together to Finland!

Accommodation fee in Lappeenranta Student Housing Foundation (LOAS) apartments: 1 week EUR 130, 2 weeks EUR 240, 3 weeks EUR 340 + EUR 40 LOAS office fee

There is also a 10% 'early bird' tuition fee discount available for all students who submit their application before 1 March 2024.

List of LUT partner universities


LUT and LAB degree students

Tuition is offered free of charge for LUT and LAB degree students (Bachelor's, Master's, Doctoral). However, the students have to cover the cost for social activities if they want to attend social events (sauna evenings, cruise on the lake Saimaa, get togethers etc). Cost for social activities is EUR 99 for 1 week, EUR 139 for 2 weeks and EUR 169 for 3 weeks. The cost does not include lunch at the university during the lectures. Students have to pay for the lunch themselves.

Note! The registration is binding. LUT and LAB students have to inform the LUT Summer School staff of their withdrawal from summer school courses no later than two weeks before the summer school starts. Otherwise, they will be charged EUR 50 for neglecting to cancel the registration.

Note! In case of too many applications from international students outside of LUT/LAB, we have to do a selection of own students, because study places for LUT/LAB students are limited. The student´´ s transcript of records can be checked in this case.

LUT and LAB exchange students

The fees for LUT and LAB exchange students, who are doing exchange in spring 2023 and want to stay for summer in Lappeenranta, are:

  • Attending one course: EUR 99. The fee includes attending the course and all social events during this week. Note, lunch and accommodation are not included.
  • Attending two courses: EUR 139. The fee includes attending two courses and all social events during these two weeks. Note, lunch and accommodation are not included.
  • Attending three courses: EUR 169. The fee includes attending three courses and all social events during these three weeks. Note, lunch and accommodation are not included.

Fee for the field trip

All summer school students can join an extracurricular trip to the Finland's Lakeland region. We'll admire the stunning nature around the lake Saimaa and connect in fun activities in the Saimaa Geopark. More details are here.

The fee is EUR 210 which includes all activities, accommodation, transportation, all meals and water. Details are coming soon.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

MOOC courses are offered free of charge to get familiar with how to study in LUT University before coming to the LUT Summer School. Just take a MOOC course ahead to make a self-learning and then join our boot camp to feel  how it´s curious and inspiring to be a part of our Green Campus.

Cancellation policy

You should notify the LUT Summer School staff if you wish to cancel your participation. The LUT Summer School fee is refundable if you withdraw your application by 31 May 2024. The LUT Summer School will retain a document processing fee of EUR 70.

After 31 May 2024 the fee is non-refundable.