Welcome and farewell receptions will be arranged, where you can meet other students as well as your professors. We will also organise many smaller events, ranging from Finnish sauna and barbeque evenings to a cruise on Lake Saimaa.


  • Welcome and farewell dinners
  • Traditional Finnish sauna evenings with different themes (Finnish culture, International night)
  • Nightclubbing
  • Cruise on lake Saimaa
  • Weekend trip (separately financed by students)

The LUT Summer School reserves the right to change or modify the schedules of events.

The weekend trip, 910 July 2022

In the middle of the summer school, an extracurriculum trip to the Finland's Lakeland region will be organised on 9–10 July 2022. This is an optional activity which is not included to the basic social programme. Therefore the participants pay a separate fee for the trip: EUR 190 (and 20 euros more if you want to buy a sleeping-bag).

The weekend trip is a relaxing and still exiting trip to the Finland's Lakeregion. One of a thousand lakes the Lake Kuolimo is known for its pure and clear water. The accommodation is right next to the Saimaa Geopark location. The activities will happen right at the geopark area. The activities will include kayaking, cycling and nature adventure where you must find locations marked on the maps handed to you. At the marked location you will find tasks! The program may be subject to change.

Kayaking and cycling will start right at your accommodation. Both activities are guided with professional guide. When kayaking you can enjoy the beautiful Finnish lake scenery and the clear waters of the Lake Kuolimo.

During cycling trip, you can see the how the ice age has molded the scenery 10 000 year ago. Right in this region there has been agrological discoveries from the stone age. No wonder this location has been chosen to part of the Saimaa Geopark.

At the accommodation site you will find traditional Finnish sauna right at the lake. This is a "must do" -thing when visiting Finland. You can be one with the Finnish nature when sleep the night at the tent. Tents are for 6-10 people, and they are prepared ready for you. You should take a sleeping-bag with you. If you do not have it, you can pay 20 euros more to buy it through our services.

The weekend trip also includes lunches, snack dinner and breakfast + water.

*LUT and LAB students participating in the LUT Summer School are also welcomed to take part in this trip.

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