The graduates of LUT University are valued workforce in the Finnish work market. Make sure your company is visible for our students in time. Four out of five of our students are already recruited at the time of graduation.

Through student work the employers have a chance to cooperate with our students already during the studies. At best, the employer will get the work done, gain new fresh ideas and develop contacts to future employees.

Note that the student work is always primarily a means to study and develop skills. Therefore, it can never be compared to professional consultation.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about recruiting our students. We send a newsletter about four times a year regarding the recruitment of our students. You can subscribe to our newsletter here.

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Recruitment Services

Student work

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Cooperation with student organizations

Students' own guilds and other organizations cooperate willingly with companies and other organizations. Check the links below to get to know their services.

Recruitment partners 2023-2024

For more information contact employerservices@lut.fi or: