Honest, transparent and socially responsible student recruitment

LUT is currently working with multiple education agents from all around the world. We are committed to ensure the highest standard of studies and services for all current and potential students. 

We expect our education agents to operate honestly, transparently, ethically and socially responsibly, while always prioritizing the best interest of their clients. In the advising of prospective students and dissemination of information, our partners shall take all reasonable measures to ensure that only factual and up-to-date information is given. 

In addition, all of our agents are expected to follow the ethical guidelines and best practices presented in the Finnish International Education Agents Code of Conduct, the ACoC. The ACoC is approved by Arene, Rector’s Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences and Unifi, Rector’s Council for Finnish Universities. Therefore, this document provides standards for working in international student recruitment, as well as instructions for education agents and other parties to collaborate with Finnish higher education institutions. The guidelines apply to all interactions with prospective students, their parents, educational providers, and fellow agents. 

As a Finnish higher education institution, LUT university embraces education for a better life and a brighter future for everyone.  

Application process free of charge

At the moment the application process to LUT is free of charge and it takes place in Studyinfo.fi. In addition, the Finnish higher education institutions never collect any fees that should be paid to the Finnish Immigration Service.

Our education agents