We facilitate the transition to carbon-neutral industry based on renewable energy. We create cost-competitive solutions for key processes needed in the industry renewal. The solutions are enabled by green hydrogen and turning CO2 from a problem to a resource.

A net-zero emission energy system based fully on renewables is mainly powered by solar and wind power. The necessary sector coupling between the energy and material networks is enabled by green hydrogen and CO2. Industrial production will in the future be based on mass-produced modular power-to-X (P2X) technology, which enables the emission-free production of fuels, chemicals, materials and food independent of location.

The GREENRENEW platform's research models the pathways of the energy transition, develops cost-efficient P2X technologies and concepts, and highlights emerging business opportunities. We also examine the emerging P2X ecosystem as a whole and assess the environmental sustainability of applications to ensure maximal positive environmental impacts. We facilitate the decarbonisation of all sectors of society through proofs-of-concept and active societal discussion.

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The GREENRENEW research platform contributes to the sustainable development goals