Bachelor's thesis is the final work for Bachelor's degree in which the student will benefit the skills and knowledge acquired in the Bachelor's studies in order to solve a well-defined challenge. Bachelor's thesis also prepares the student to Master's thesis process.

Every year, about 440 Bachelor's thesis are done at LUT University. The number of work commissioned by employers is constantly growing. In the future, more and more students start their journey to a specific employer through a Bachelor's thesis.

Why to commission a Bachelor's thesis?

For companies and other organizations the Bachelor's thesis offers a possibility to

  • solve smaller scaled challenges and tasks through student work
  • gain new aspects and solutions and
  • get to know a potential future talent.

What kind of topic is suitable for a Bachelor's thesis?

Smaller scale literature and other reports, development tasks, interviews or planning tasks are especially suitable for Bachelor's thesis topics. The variety of topics is wide. However, the topic needs to be directly linked to the content of the study programme. Check the previous Bachelor's thesis at LUT University at LUT Pub system.

The size of a Bachelor's thesis is about 30 pages and the time reserved for it is about 7 weeks of work. Usually, the Bachelor's thesis is an individual work.