Beautiful Lake Saimaa
Hours to the capital of Finland
Study fields

Cultural gems in walking distance

International students are often surprised how much Mikkeli offers them culturally – activities from escape rooms to singing lessons to a broad span of sports activities. 

Due to its annual music festival, Mikkeli does not play second fiddle musically, and the city’s concert hall hosts artists all year round. 

If you become inspired, Estrada offers the chance to flaunt your singing skills and partake in the Finnish culture initiation rite of karaoke. A huge bonus is that the entire city center is walkable. 

Mikkeli is home to a lot of Finnish history that is waiting to be discovered in the city museum.  

Nature galore by lake Saimaa

The star of the show, however, is definitely the Finnish nature. Mikkeli is located by Lake Saimaa, Finland’s largest lake, and surrounded by smaller lakes all around. Swimming, canoeing and exploring forest trails will make you fall in love with Finnish summer, and winter sports like skiing and ice-skating help you get through the winter. 

Become an expert in efficient, sustainable and economical water treatment - Master's Programme in Water Technology

Sustainability challenges us to reflect on water treatment in different ways.

Instead of focussing on end-of-pipe treatments for pollution prevention, we need to focus on optimal resource utilisation and enhanced water recycling. 

Novel, sustainable materials and technologies for water treatment are needed.

In the Master's Programme in Water Technology, you learn how water can be treated not only efficiently, but also in a sustainable and economical manner. You will obtain knowledge and skills to address water-related challenges in the future.

Separation science Mikkeli

The Mikkeli campus unit

LUT's operations in Mikkeli started in 2002. The total strength of the personnel varies from year to year. 

The unit's modern separation technology equipment can be utilized on a laboratory and pilot scale, ie from the molecular level to process concepts. Biological water treatment, a large algae laboratory and comprehensive analytical capabilities are the unit’s specialties.

Separation Science in Mikkeli

Research work for finding new solutions to prevent and decrease environmental pollution. Developing novel nano-based materials for water purification. Develops thin film materials and processes to enable energy saving, resource-use reduction, pollution removal and bioactive applications.

Bioenergy research in Mikkeli

Studies supply systems and handling technologies of biomass for energy use. Applies study methods to evaluate economical and environmental performance.

LUT Business School in Mikkeli

LBS Business Studies competence area also has an active, Mikkeli-based research group in Entrepreneurship.  Beyond high quality academic research, the special mission of the group is to support positive economic development in the region through collaborative research and development activity.


Affordable student housing

MOAS, Mikkelin opiskelija-asunnot Oy/Mikkeli Student Housing LTD, rents apartments to all students in the Mikkeli area. MOAS is owned by the city of Mikkeli. 

Anyone who has been accepted to study in Mikkeli can rent an apartment starting up to three months before the semester starts. 

The apartments are in a good condition and regularly maintained by MOAS' own maintenance team.

762 apartments are available for rent, including studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units. The most affordable housing option is shared apartments, which we offer at several locations. 


  • Rent for shared apartment starting from 220€ per month
  • Rent for studio apartment starting from 350€ per month


The rent price includes internet, water, laundry room and the use of a shared sauna. 

Electricity is included in all shared apartments and some studio apartments, in other units it has to be paid separately. 

Furnished apartments are available, and for these, the rent includes a bed (200×80 cm), a mattress, a desk, a chair, a kitchen table & chairs, a microwave, a fridge, and a stove.

You can apply for apartments at moas.fi.

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