The Doctoral Programme in Business and Management offers a possibility to study and conduct research leading to a doctoral degree in the research field of Economics and Business Administration. The doctoral programme enables graduates to become professional researchers in the academic sector and to work in demanding expert and developmental tasks in companies and public sector organizations.

The doctoral programme belongs to LUT Business School, the research of which focuses on sustainable value creation, entrepreneurship and international business as well as digitalization and business analytics. The overall objective of research conducted in the school is to provide explanations of the factors that lead to sustainable business renewal, i.e. approaches that will ensure that companies are successful in international competition and, at the same time, operate in a way that is economically, ecologically and socially sustainable.

Research is conducted in international and national research groups and in close cooperation with companies. In addition to companies, other actors that provide funding for research include Research Council of Finland, the EU and Business Finland.

Doctoral degree

A doctoral degree, Doctor of Science (Economics and Business Administration), includes doctoral studies (40 ECTS credits) and research leading to writing publications and a dissertation that has to be defended publicly. During doctoral education the student acquires a theoretical knowledge of the research field and topic in question, skills in applying scientific research methods and capabilities to generate new scientific knowledge and to understand its impact to practice.

Those selected for doctoral education will be expected to have research skills which will be verified for example on the basis of the completion of a selection of courses before being approved as doctoral students. Those entering into the doctoral programme for the field of Economics and Business Administration are usually recruited to become a part of a research group, which are formed of professors, post-doctoral researchers and doctoral students. In these groups, the practices of scientific work open up to the junior researcher to their whole extent.