We address virtual human, machine, and environmental systems to enable new approaches to the organisation of industrial activity. We provide digital tools that will contribute to achieving sustainable industrial growth.

The MORE SIM platform develops novel simulation-based techniques that will advance industrial design, manufacturing, and processing. Being able to simulate reality makes it possible for industrial companies to drive sustainable growth better and provide services based on customer needs.

The platform represents the state of the art in multidisciplinary knowledge that covers innovation, technology and performance management, digital twin (DT) applications, and advanced simulation and modelling. Its theoretical basis also includes the Internet of Things (IoT), cyber-physical systems, digital strategy, platforms, and ecosystems.

The platform will work in close cooperation with companies from the manufacturing, service, and software sectors as well as with digital businesses. The MORE SIM platform will develop the necessary digital tools to model reality from the beginning to the end of product or process lifecycles. Virtual products such as digital twins, which correspond and are linked to actual products, will be key in transitioning to a sustainable, responsive, and deeply networked industrial future.

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The MORE SIM research platform contributes to the sustainable development goals