Animation video authors: Mariia Kozlova, Peter Beliaev, Timo Nykänen, Janne Mustonen and Lee Walton

Electrification of all sectors of society is a primary action to reach the goal of zero emissions and finally end the use of fossil fuels. Rotating electromechanical machines are very widely used in various processes. Increasing their rotational speed brings both high energy conversion and material efficiency. Industrial and mobile applications and even home appliances can benefit from high-speed energy conversion systems. However, they require new electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal, and manufacturing design, as well as new development, simulation, and control methods. These all belong to the centre of excellence.

Recent developments in power electronics and battery systems allow increasing the operating frequency and  specific power and the power range of electrical machines applied, for example, as a main propulsion motor in different transport sectors. By developing new analysis and simulation methods accounting for multi-physics effects (e.g., rotor dynamics, heat transfer, EMI, etc.) it will be possible to include high-frequency phenomena in electric machine design. One of the approaches to proceed with the combining multi-physical effects is to develop a reduced-order modelling framework.


Project funding
Academy of Finland

Project period
1.1.2022 – 31.12.2026


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High-speed electromechanical energy conversion systems

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Included projects into Center of Excellence

  • eMAD - Compact motor solution with direct-liquid cooling for electric propulsion systems
  • APU27 - Auxiliary power unit is an alternative compact, reliable solution of a primary electrical energy source in hybrid electric vehicles
  • MMW - Multi Megawatt high-speed motor topology for challenging and demanding industrial applications



  • Aalto University/Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation
  • Tampere University
  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
  • CSC - It Center for Science Ltd
  • Aalto University/Department of Mechanical Engineering