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We use the latest scientific research to help companies and communities solve concrete problems and find new business opportunities. We open-mindedly seek solutions to both small and large challenges. 

We offer the expertise of hundreds of experts and the potential of thousands of students.

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Versatile expertise in industrial product development

We are a reliable partner in the industry with decades of experience. With LUT University's help, you can take your company's product development to a new level. 

We offer expertise for small and large needs: measurements and analyses, research tailored to the needs of companies, and the opportunity to join large-scale publicly funded research projects where we are looking for new far-reaching potential for the needs of different industries.

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Kari Tuominen, CEO of Andritz Oy
By investing in product development, we aim to strengthen our brand as a forerunner of innovative technologies and an appealing employer.
Kari Tuominen
President and CEO, ANDRITZ Oy