A new way to collaborate with companies

The Electric Mobility Research Center (EMRC) aims to strengthen cross-disciplinary research on electric transportation and to develop education to meet the needs of future industry. 

The center advances science and education, cutting across the boundaries of virtually all of LUT University’s fields of specialization, from technology and business to social and communication sciences. The EMRC is the heart of e-mobility-related research on LUT's Lahti campus.  

The EMRC offers a research platform that represents a whole new way for LUT to collaborate with companies. This initiative strengthens the role of Finnish science and education in a rapidly growing industry with immense potential. The EMRC’s operations also include cooperation with the LAB University of Applied Sciences, further extending the center’s capacity and impact.

We want to work closely with technology-focused universities, as it gives us the resources we need to stay at the forefront of product development and research.
Mikko Veikkolainen
Chief Technology Officer at Kempower

Research platform process

1 ▶
LUT and LAB research groups make complete project proposals for the themes, including base funding and external funding if applicable.
2 ▶
The EMRC steering committee evaluates the proposals, decides on which initiatives to adopt, and allocates base funding accordingly.
3 ▶
Projects are kicked off with base funding, which can also be used as additional support alongside external funding in the future.

Call for project proposals


The EMRC invites project or idea proposals from LUT and LAB experts according to the following guidelines:

  • There are no limits or requirements as to what kinds of initiatives and projects can be carried out under and funded by the EMRC. This means that different types of projects, such as dissertations, theses, equipment investments, education development, field trips, other travel, and publications, can be considered. Creativity is encouraged.
  • All projects and proposals must include costs from LUT.
  • Third parties can participate in the projects.
  • Project plans can include external funding from, for example, EU calls, foundations, Business Finland, or similar instruments.
  • Proposals will be reviewed by the EMRC steering committee on a rolling basis.
  • The steering committee will use its own discretion regarding which initiatives are adopted by the EMRC.
  • Proposals should fall under the one or more of the research themes listed on this page. Inter-disciplinarity is strongly encouraged.
  • While the EMRC always welcomes any proposals in line with the listed themes, it may decide to prioritize certain fields when it awards funding. Such themes are marked with an asterisk.
  • Proposals are submitted via email to the director of the EMRC.
  • For more information, please consult the director of the EMRC.

Contact info

Ville Naumanen

Research Director
Kempower Electric Mobility Research Center – EMRC

+358 400 299 938

In focus

Latest developments

Electric Mobility Research Center (EMRC) funds its first master’s thesis

LUT and Kempower’s Electric Mobility Research Center (EMRC), opened in November 2023, is now funding its first master’s thesis. The thesis deals with the optimization of charging fields with additional energy storages – so-called battery banks.

EMRC University representatives


Tommi Rissanen

Senior Expert
LUT University

Lassi Aarniovuori

Associate Professor (Tenure Track)
LUT University

Sami Hyrynsalmi

Full professor (tenured)
LUT University

Jyrki Schroderus

RDI Director, Technology
LAB University of Applied Sciences