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Programmes Technology and Engineering Science, Industrial Engineering and Management, Computational Engineering and Sustainable International Business

  • For the first academic year, there are no scholarships available. An option for the early bird discount is offered.
  • For the second academic year, 50% scholarships will be granted for the students successfully completing the studies on the first academic year (min.of 60 ECTS credits)
  • For the third academic year,  50% Tuition Fee Waiver will be granted for the students successfully completing min.120 ECTS credits in the first and second academic years.
  • If the student continues their studies in a Master's programme after completing their Bachelor's studies at LUT University, the tuition fee for the first year of Master's studies is EUR 7 500.


Double degree programmes

For Electrical Engineering, Mechanical engineering, Energy Technology and Software and systems engineering -programmes:

  • No scholarships or early bird discounts are granted during the application process.
  • No scholarship application is required!

First year scholarships are granted during the first Autumn semester

  • All tuition fees are first collected and then part of it will be refunded for awarded students according to the scholarship percentages. 
  • All paying students are ranked based on their previous academic success (GPA / admission documents).
  • Only students who are required to pay the tuition fee, can be awarded a scholarship.
  • The scholarships are granted by the end of October in each academic year. 
  • The awardees are informed via email.

There are three different categories of scholarships

  • Category 1. Scholarship is  2/3 of yearly tuition fee and (max. of 4% of applicants)  
  • Category 2. Scholarship is 1/3 of annual tuition fee and (max. of 10% of applicants) 
  • Category 3. Scholarship is 1000 € (max. 40 % of applicants)  
  • Total number of scholarships is bind to income of tuition fees and cannot overdue 11.1% of Tuition fee income. 

Students must open their own Finnish bank accounts to receive the scholarships.

  • Bank account information needs to be filled on a separate e-form/query, sent by the scholarship team, by the end of November.
  • We recommend opening your own account as soon as you have arrived to Finland and registered at the DVV. The scholarship payments cannot be made to anyone else's account.

Scholarship will not continue automatically for further academic years. 

  • Students are ranked/evaluated again after each academic year.  
  • For the first year, students recruited by LUT have their own selection group and their scholarships will be awarded separately from HEBEI students based on former academic results. 
  • For the second and third year, the scholarships are awarded based on the GPA of the past academic year at LUT. (Update 13.10.2022 : HEBEI students are ranked and awarded separately)
    • After first year at LUT, minimun of 60 ects + GPA ranking (For LUT recruits)
    • After second year at LUT, minimum of 120 ects + GPA ranking (For LUT recruits)