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Programmes Technology and Engineering Science and Industrial Engineering and Management

  • For the first academic year, there are no scholarships available
  • For the second academic year, 50% scholarships will be granted for the students successfully completing the studies on the first academic year (min.of 60 ECTS credits)
  • For the third academic year,  50% Tuition Fee Waiver will be granted for the students successfully completing min.120 ECTS credits in the first and second academic years.
  • If the student continues their studies in a Master's programme after completing their Bachelor's studies at LUT University, the tuition fee for the first year of Master's studies is EUR 7 500.


Double degree programmes

The scholarships are awarded by the end of October in every academic year. If student is awarded the scholarship, the paid fee is returned partially according to the scholarship percentages.

There are three different categories of scholarships:

  • Category I: Tuition Fee Waiver is 2/3 of the annual tuition fee
  • Category II: Tuition Fee Waiver is 1/3 of the annual tuition fee
  • Category III: Tuition Fee Waiver is EUR 1000

The number of the first year scholarship is calculated from the total amount of the paid tuition fees. The scholarship will not automatically continue for the second year.

The scholarship for the second and third year are awarded based on the GPA of the past academic year.