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Scientific research and education based on that research create hope in uncertain times. They help find answers to questions that are pivotal to the future of humanity. Find out about our scientific solutions and join us in our meaningful work.

The national university fundraising campaign that closed at the end of June 2022 yielded over nine million euros for LUT University. Our warmest thanks to all our donors! 

Our scientific solutions


Clean energy, water and air are life-giving resources for which we at LUT University seek new solutions with our expertise in technology, business, and social sciences. We help society and businesses in their sustainable renewal. We operate globally but are aware of our opportunities to promote the vitality of our campus cities. 


How to donate


Donations can be made by companies, communities and private citizens. They are usually addressed to LUT University without restrictions to the purpose of use. The donation is paid as a bank transfer to LUT University’s account FI24 5000 0120 4469 26 (OKOYFIHH). In the description field, write “donation” and your phone number or email for later contact. 

Donors have the option of allocating donations of at least 850 euros to the field of their choice: technology, business, or social sciences. 

Donations of at least 850 euros are made with a deed of donation that mentions the possible allocation. Submit a signed deed of donation to the university’s foundation liaison and make the payment to LUT University’s bank account FI24 5000 0120 4469 26 (OKOYFIHH). 

Tax deductible donations by communities and private citizens 

Under the Finnish Income Tax Act (1535/1992), donations of 850–250 000 euros made by communities for the promotion of science, the arts or the preservation of Finland’s cultural heritage are tax deductible. Read more about corporate tax deductions on the Finnish Tax Administration website. (only in Finnish) 

Individuals and estates can deduct amounts donated to universities or other higher education institutions from their earned income. Donations of 850–500 000 euros for the purpose of promoting science or arts are tax deductible. The university reports deductible donations to the Finnish Tax Administration. 


Other ways to support science 

Companies can support our scientific research also through different forms of research collaboration. Scholarships can be allocated to bachelor’s, master's and doctoral students through the Research Foundation of LUT University

Money collection licence 

LUT has a valid money collection licence granted by the National Police Board on 27 May 2020. The licence number is RA/2020/607. The funds collected will be used to support activities under the Universities Act, section 2. 

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