LUT University expresses its support to Ukraine and especially to the Ukrainian university community. We join Finland and the EU in strongly condemning the military aggression of Russia and Belarus.

War increases the risk of conflict between people beyond the actual war zones. As an international and multicultural community, LUT's strength has always lain in collaboration and mutual trust. Right now, we need those qualities more than ever. In LUT's world, no one is left alone. We are building a better tomorrow and we stand for what is right and just.

  • LUT and LAB are offering three types of study opportunities until 31 December 2024 for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. Those who have been granted temporary protection by the Finnish Immigration Service can complete open university and open university of applied sciences studies or apply for the right to complete non-degree studies, and they have been reserved quota of 60 places at LUT and 60 at LAB. After studies you can apply to degree programmes during ongoing and future admission periods.
  • Those who have fled the Ukraine war and obtained temporary protection in Finland and a place to study at LUT or LAB will receive a 100% tuition fee waiver for the academic year 2023–2024 on humanitarian grounds. The waiver applies to LUT's and LAB's Bachelor's and Master's programmes.
  • Despite the crisis and regardless of what nationality we represent, we are all members of the LUT community, where everyone is equally important and valuable. We expect every member of the LUT community to value and respect others. We will tolerate no hate speech or harassment.
  • We have suspended collaboration with Russian and Belarusian organisations and will make no new commitments nor initiate new collaboration projects with Russia or Belarus.
  • We will follow Finnish national guidelines on collaboration in research, education and student exchange with Russia and Belarus. We will also follow and comply with international policies, such as potential changes to EU programmes.
  • We have been in contact with our students in Russia and asked them to return to Finland.
  • We will comply with the travel updates by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, according to which all travel to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus should be avoided. Students who have planned an exchange period in these countries should seek alternative exchange destinations. We will not engage in new exchange programmes with Russia.
  • We have donated 20 000 euros to help people suffering from the war in Ukraine. The donation has been allocated to Unicef Finland and the Finnish Red Cross. We encourage LUT employees, students and alumni and the Finnish university community to join us in making donations.
  • We are offering members of the LUT community support in processing the crisis.
  • Our Ukraine war intranet page contains up-to-date information, policies and guidelines related to the war in Ukraine that concern the LUT community. We will update the page regularly. If necessary, we will also send email on the most recent policy outlines.

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