DuuniDay offers you an exceptional opportunity to reach the engineering, business, social sciences and doctoral students of LUT University and the students of LAB University of Applied Sciences from all different fields. Note that we also have a remarkable amount of international talents at LUT and LAB.

Exhibitors' registration starts on 4.9.2023 at 9 am. Link to the registration will be added to this page later. Be on time with your registration - DuuniDay 22.11.22 was sold out in September 2022 🚀


DuuniDay 2022 exhibitor, keep your JobTeaser company profile updated

Participation includes a company profile in our JobTeaser platform till DuuniDay 2023 registration. So if you participate also DuuniDay 2023, your company profile will stay active continuously. Our students get to know the companies via JobTeaser profiles. You can also publish job ads there. We recommend to have the profile updated and ensure your visibility for the students.
Contact employerservices@lut.fi if you need a new link to sign in your JobTeaser company profile.

For more information contact employerservices@lut.fi or: