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Rauha, Finland. Hybrid in zoom.

Organized in the Holiday Club Saimaa, Rauha (FINLAND), between 13th and 16th of August. The seminar will feature oral and poster presentations, lectures from high-speed specialist and learning events for Doctoral students. Organizer is Hipo EU MSCA DN and HiECSs.  

Accommodation and nourishment is covered by participants (registration fee app 150 €). Request for registration from

Agenda: High-speed machines 

The design space of high-speed machines. Define 'high-speed.'

Basics of thermal aspects

Heat transfer, and cooling approaches

Fluid dynamics

Rotor dynamics

Centrifugal stresses in the rotor

Bending mode prof. Kari Tammi from Aalto University

Industry view

Machine and Drives Losses

An overview of high-frequency losses, in windings, solid conductors, magnets, and iron losses. Eddy-currents, Winding losses:Exercises with matlab by Antti Lehikoinen

Synchronous reluctance Motors, Andrea Credo from University of L'Aquila

Retaining sleeves for surface-PM machines

Tortional vibrations