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Energy systems are an important part of a sustainable society. Our research supports the world's transition to carbon neutrality in all societal and industrial sectors. In the future, we'll work even harder for clean air and positive climate impacts.

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LUT-yliopiston viisi puhtaan ilman ratkaisua: ilmakuvassa metsää ja horisontissa auringon nousu.

Hydrogen economy and power-to-x technology

Power-to-x (P2X) is a key technology in addressing carbon dioxide emissions from industry and transport.
Tee ympäristötekoja sijoittamalla.

Solar energy and wind power

The research of renewable energy system tackles the climate change. At the moment, solar power is more expensive than wind power.
Ydinlaboratorion säiliön sisäpuoli valaistuna sinisellä valolla.

Nuclear power and nuclear safety

Nuclear power has decreased CO2 emissions everywhere where the plants have been built.
Autoja yöllä kuvattuna pitkällä valotusajalla.

Electrification and electric transport

Electricity and e-fuels have revolutionized the transport system. It's one of the many climate change solutions.
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Bioenergy and other energy sources

At LUT, you'll find experts and expertise in geothermal heating, waste utilization and bioenergy.
Solar panels from LUT University main lobby roof

The energy system of the future

Solar energy has the potential to play a central role in the future global energy system.

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A2 Review article, literature review, systematic review
Ponnumsamy Vinoth Kumar, Al-Hazmi Hussein E., Shobana Sutha, Dharmaraja Jeyaprakash, Jadhav Dipak Ashok, J Rajesh Banu, Piechota Grzegorz, Igliński Bartłomiej, Kumar Vinod, Bhatnagar Amit, Chae Kyu-Jung, Kumar Gopalakrishnan