Doctoral Studies at LUT University

Education leading to a doctoral degree at LUT University is planned and organised for specific research fields.

The doctoral degree requires approximately four years of full-time studies. The Licentiate degree usually requires two years of full-time studies.

The holders of Master's degree have the possibility to complete the postgraduate degrees of

  • Licentiate of Science (Technology)
  • Doctor of Science (Technology)
  • Licentiate of Science (Business)
  • Doctor of Science (Business)
  • Doctor of Philosophy

You can choose from three doctoral programmes:

Further information on the programmes and research fields available is available on the LUT Doctoral School pages.

You can become a doctoral student by first applying for open positions at LUT (junior researcher, project researcher). Then, you apply separately for a doctoral study right to gain a doctoral student status in addition to your status as an employee.

You can also study part-time while working outside the university, which naturally requires more time to complete the degree. Interested candidates with their own funding can apply for the doctoral study right after securing their funding and supervisory resources.

The criteria for applying for doctoral studies at LUT

For detailed information on the criteria and application procedure for the doctoral study right, please see the Uni student portal.

From application to graduation