LUT Summer School Faculty

Leonid Chechurin

Leonid Chechurin is a Professor for Industrial Engineering and Management department of LUT since 2014. He received his latest degree in 2010 for the dissertation on Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems. His work has been published in journals and conferences in the fields of control and system theory and automation, mathematical modeling, creativity and innovations. He has more than 60 publications to his name in these fields. He is the member of Russian and international academic communities . He has been responsible for scientific organisation of a number of local and international conferences.

Leonid was employed by leading innovating technology companies like Samsung and LG Electronics as a principal engineer for engineering design group. He has been consulting or teaching at General Electric Global Research Center (USA, Germany, India and Shanghai), Wrigley (USA), British American Tobacco (UK-USA), FMC (USA) and others (in total more than 50 seminars and consulting sessions and several research projects on inventive engineering design) with 10 patent families on his name.

In the last 6 years he has been coordinating several international educational project under EU ERASMUS, Cross Border Cooperation and other frameworks with total budget 1M Euro. One of visible outcomes is the eLearning platform and a number of courses designed in project based and flipped form. Leonid was named as the best LUT Summer School Teacher in 2015 by student's feedback.

Leonid is also the LUT Summer School's Academic Supervisor.

Courses: Systematic Creativity - TRIZ Basics; Inventive Product Design and Advanced TRIZ; From Advanced Theory to Advanced Application: Control of Active Magnetic Bearing System.


Subin Im

Subin Im is a George Lester Nations Professor at Gary W. Rollins College of Business, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He has previously worked at San Francisco State University, the University of Washington Tacoma and Yonsei University. He is also a George Lester Nations Professor.

His primary scholarly interests include the organizational aspects of innovation, creativity and innovation, new product development for marketing strategy, the consumer side of the innovation adoption process, and research methodology using multivariate statistical techniques including a structural equation model.

Course: Creativity and Entrepreneurship in New Product Development from the Silicon Valley's Perspectives.


Olli Kuivalainen

Olli Kuivalainen is a Professor of International Marketing and Entrepreneurship at the School of Business and Management at LUT, where he normally teaches courses and modules related to international entrepreneurship and global marketing.

In addition to LUT, Kuivalainen has also taught in various other universities, such as the University of Manchester, San Francisco State University, and Helsinki School of Economics (now Aalto University). His research has been published in many academic journals, including  Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of World Business, Journal of International Marketing, International Marketing Review, Industrial Marketing Management, and Technovation.

Courses: International Market Research and Target Selection


Sanjit Sengupta

Sanjit Sengupta is a Professor of Marketing at San Francisco State University. His teaching portfolio includes Strategic Marketing, Marketing of High-Technology Products and Services, and Business-to-Business Marketing. He has taught in many graduate business programs in India, Finland, Italy, Poland, South Korea, and the USA.

His research interests include new product development and technological innovation, strategic alliances, sales management, and international marketing. His research has won a few awards and been published in many journals including Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Marketing, and Journal of Product Innovation Management.

Course: International Marketing of High Technology Products and Innovations


Andrei Zhuravlev

Andrei Zhuravlev is a PhD student at the LUT School of Energy Systems. He got Master's degree as a result of double degree program between LUT and Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University (LETI). Andrei did his exchange studies in Zhejiang Ocean University, China. His field of interests is Control Systems of active magnetic bearings and bearingless machines. He will assists in practical part of the Digital Control course.

Course: From Advanced Theory to Advanced Application: Control of Active Magnetic Bearing System


Evgenia Balbutskaya

Evgenia Balbutskaya is LUT Summer School administrator.


LUT Summer School

Short-term non-degree

June-July 2022

Fields of study
business and technology


3−9 ECTS credits

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Katie, San Francisco State University
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