Master's Programme in Supply Management

Global supply networks and supply chains around the world are essential part of today's business.

Extracting competitiveness and increasing sustainability for a company from its supply networks and chains requires special skills, competencies and tools for exploring and managing global supply networks.

Supply management is a unique Master's programme in Finland providing expertise of strategic supply and supplier management. The programme is designed to correspond to the growing needs of today's business life in terms of educating open-minded, innovative managers in the fields of supply management and purchasing.

"The MSM programme is a perfect match for my career plans"

Anil Özdemir
Supply Management

Supply management is a cross-functional activity of a firm that necessitates the ability to manage global value chains and a broad understanding of international business.

Your studies will integrate disciplines of strategic management, international business, relationship management and collaboration in supply networks. In this programme you will focus on design of supply strategies, global challenges of sourcing and development of supply chain.

Your studies will aggregate theories and concepts of business and technology and present recent applications and methods in the field, thus promoting your problem solving, decision making and analytical skills. You will gain specialised knowledge about the factors affecting the design of supply strategies and interaction in a value chain. The studies include interactive case studies, group work, independent exercises, literature studies and lectures. 

During your studies, you will gain competencies in the classroom: guest lectures, company assignments and case exercises. You will also be involved in real-life research projects in supply management carried out for different companies. About 95% of the programme's Master's theses are based on real-life business problems and are prepared for companies or public sector organisations.

Supply Management

Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration

120 ECTS credits

2 years


Academic unit
LUT School of Business and Management

Application period
1 December 2017 –  24 January 2018

Tuition fee
EUR 10 000/year
Scholarship options