Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering

This is a new programme that will replace LUT's Advanced Structural Design and Robotised Welding, Mechatronic System Design, and Sustainable Production in Mechanical Engineering programmes.  

Machines have enabled many imposing and magnificent ideas and have facilitated a multitude of challenging functions. Machine science and its traditional findings form the basis for other engineering sciences. Simultaneously, machine science is characterised by a strong desire to think differently and effect change in the world.

Modern mechanical engineering is a combination of innovative, purposeful, and creative product development, a wide range of computer-aided design technologies, and techno-economically efficient production methodologies integrated with the utilisation and development of advanced materials.

To ensure your place at the frontline of modern engineering technology, we welcome you to join the Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering, where you can build your own study package from the following specialisations:

  • digital engineering
  • robotics and mechatronics
  • laser processing and additive manufacturing
  • welding production and metallurgy
  • steel structures
  • composites and hybrid materials
  • industrial design engineering
  • sustainable manufacturing processes.

Graduates from the Master's Programme in Mechanical Engineering will be able to

  • understand the applications of mechanical engineering in their specialisation areas and combine them to form multidisciplinary knowledge, skills and competences,
  • participate and interact in task-orientated engineering groups in a productive manner and lead and manage design projects,
  • logically think through industrial research and development problems and solve them to contribute to critical and innovative thinking in different areas of mechanical engineering,
  • understand the needs and special features in mechanical engineering design, IoT, automatised and robotised production and manufacture of products, material selection and modelling, reliability-based design and business-oriented project work,
  • utilise fully digitised design, simulation and production environments for different areas of mechanical engineering including sustainability aspects.


Mechanical Engineering

Master of Science in Technology

120 ECTS credits

2 years

Start date
August 2021


Tuition fees and scholarships
EUR 10 000 Non-EU/EEA students

Academic unit
LUT School of Energy Systems


Regular application period
1 December 2020 − 20 January 2021

Rolling admission
1 October 2020 − 31 May 2021