For companies

Recruitment services

LUT University recruitment services offers employers an effortless channel for finding competent and motivated new talent.

Through us, one can seek experts from among our students for training, project work and thesis work as well as for permanent employment. Through us, one can also find international experts, since our students represent dozens of different nationalities from around the world.

Educational services

LUT's educational services offer a wide range technology and business courses that can be tailored to your needs.

We design different training modules for companies, the public sector and universities. Courses can be arranged online, in the target country or in Finland.

Research services

The research at the LUT University is carried out in close cooperation with the industry. The university is part of an innovation chain in which new knowledge and the latest research results can be utilized by business.

The university's research services offer a point of contact for researchers. Companies can also make use of the university's laboratory and measurement services and have students complete their master's theses for them.