International Entrepreneurship Challenge (IEC)

The International Entrepreneurship Challenge (IEC) programme supports companies' globalization. In the IEC programme, LUT's master's degree students devise a globalization plan for the participating companies. 

Typically, the plan contains an evaluation of the company's initial situation, a globalization strategy, a marketing and sales plan and concrete operational recommendations for the next two years. Work in the programme takes place in 4-5 person international student groups mentored by leading experts in the field.

Companies that have passed through the programme, which has been running since 2006, include Visma Severa and MeVEA. Tekes is LUT's cooperation partner in the programme.

The main emphasis of the IEC programme is on developing a globalization strategy. The programme's target group is small and medium-sized growth companies for which globalization is a realistic and topical goal. 

Additional information about the IEC program: