Recruitment partnership – collaborate with us to hire new experts

LUT is a university that loves business enterprises. For us, love means concrete actions – big and small. A recruitment partnership will enable your company to collaborate with us to plan and implement actions that build your image as an inspiring employer and introduce you to skilled experts.

Our recruitment partnership will take into account what your company needs from the partnership, from new employees and from the recruitment process. We're a one-stop service, and together we will map out your journey towards your goals for the entire academic year.

The fee-paid partnership agreement is concluded for one academic year at a time, and it is an excellent way to build your employer image in the long run and increase your visibility. The partnership will help you reach the students you need through multiple channels and sufficiently early. Your liaison at Career Services will help you draw up a plan specific to your needs and find the right forces for the process from LUT's staff. The partnership may include, for instance, recruitment events, education collaboration, student visits, marketing to students, and job, intership and final thesis services.

In addition to our tried and true forms of collaboration and services, we are also ready to engage in deeper and more systematic collaboration and offer you a path to recruitment services you may still be lacking.

LUT Recruitment partners for the academic year 2020–2021





Interested in partnering with us? Reach out and we will fill you in on how we can support your company's recruitment processes.

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