Seeking employees

Trainees and graduates who have completed a final thesis

Will your company or organization need a temporary or more permanent workforce – for help during the summer, with projects or with a variety of surveys?

At LUT University, there are many cutting-edge experts and future prospects who, along with their studies, will remain at the centre of the latest knowledge and most recent research results.

Actually, employing a student as a trainee or a student working on his/her master's thesis often brings with it considerably more than just the student's contribution or the required survey or research results.

The students, in turn, will be able to implement in practical work what they have learned and convey to the university and to their fellow students priceless viewpoints and fresh impetus from the side of the business community.

International experts

Is your company interested in globalization or are you looking for an international expert? LUT's students represent more than sixty different nationalities, bringing the world surprisingly close when needed!

An international student often turns out to be of invaluable help, for example when conducting market research in a cultural field he/she is familiar with or when creating contacts with new international markets. A trainee or a graduate preparing his/her final thesis creates a live contact at the workplace with a new and different culture, and the staff's language skills improve when a foreign language is employed daily in genuine working life situations.

Those who study in LUT's master's degree programmes that are conducted in English already have behind them at least a bachelor's degree. At LUT, they complete their studies up to a master's degree. Most of the students are also very interested in staying in Finland after they graduate.

Permanent employees

It is easy to find experts from different fields among the students of LUT also when you seek permanent employees. With the opportunities brought about by cross-disciplinary science, multi-skilled talents are produced at LUT in several different fields.

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