Laboratory services

Laser Processing Laboratory services

The Laser Processing Laboratory (LUT Laser) provides research and development services for different processing methods that make use of lasers. The laboratory helps in the conception, testing, development and deployment of new laser machining applications. We have a diverse equipment base with a wide power range.

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Ilkka Poutiainen,, tel. +358 40 033 0245

Production Engineering and Sheet Metal Work Laboratory services

We provide research and professional services as well as clearing assignments related to the NC machining, sheet metal parts manufacturing and laser cutting.

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Jari Selesvuo,, tel. +358 40 541 7387

Welding Technology Laboratory services

We provide research services for the development of welding production and welding quality and also define the mechanical properties of welding joints and of material properties in general.

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Esa Hiltunen,, tel. +358 40 766 3063

Fiber Composite Laboratory services

The Fiber Composite Laboratory provides a wide range of research and development services for the products of new green technology. The laboratory helps companies develop their business, deploy new machining methods and develop products and also in research activities related to raw material properties.

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Timo Kärki,, tel. + 358 40 770 879
Marko Hyvärinen,, tel. +358 40 590 8471

Energy Audit services

We carry out short, project-oriented, 1-6 month-long surveys as student assignments. The survey themes include: life cycle modelling, waste management, sewage, clean water, building services, energy efficiency, business and the environment. For each particular case, we select a suitable expert to guide the work.

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Simo Hammo,, tel. +358 40 025 9602

Steel Structures Laboratory services

We provide research, product development and expert services for structure design and measurement and optimization and for making improvements in the durability of structures, as well as damage analysis and measurement of the in-service stresses of structures.

Our special expertise area is fatigue endurance and static endurance of welded structures, also in low operation temperatures. The research is based on scientific theories, the applicability of which is compared to numerical methods (FFA) and experimental research, for which we have good equipment and personnel resources.

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Matti Koskimäki,, tel.+358 40 072 9731

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