The INSPIRE project explores how open innovation is managed and organized in SMEs in order to disseminate open innovation initiatives and make services more professional. The project aims to gain an in-depth understanding of good practices in open innovation in European SMEs. The study examines the barriers experienced by companies, critical success factors, and routes for exploiting open innovation. In identifying good practices, e.g. the economic situation of SMEs, the trajectory of innovation (e.g. high-tech and low-tech SMEs) and the stage of the business life cycle. The identification of good practices will lead to the preparation of an 'Integrated Open Innovation Toolkit for SMEs', which will enable professional open innovation management in SMEs through various open innovation initiatives.

In the INSPIRE project, LUT is responsible for research targeted at 72 experts and open innovation actors. The consortium consists of nine European partners. the funding source for the project is H20202-INNOSUP-2015-3. The project continued until 31 July 2019, after which a concept has been built for the utilization of th toolkit developed in the project in teaching and consulting. The INSPIRE project was completed and approved by the Commission in autumn 2019.

The results of the project and material for the development of open innovation in SMEs are available at



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