C3PO designs, develops and trials collaborative platform for urban design using visualisation and simulation tools to improve participation and speed-up decision making.

As one million people move to cities every week, cities will be home to 5 billion people in 2020. Such growth will require upgrading existing infrastructure and developing new ones (ITEA2 roadmap: urbanisation challenge). The urbanization challenges posed to cities are immense: mitigating risk through better planning and prediction, integrating a new ecological context and mediating a range of self-interested stakeholders (citizens, leaders in cities, architects, etc.) engaged in the urban development. Fortunately, ICT has reached a critical point: cloud computing, big data, Web technologies, mobile connectivity are providing opportunities at affordable cost for cities. C3PO aims to enable an ICT ecosystem consisting of the C3PO platform and a community of ICT companies. For an individual company, it is clear that city co-design is a too complex process to be covered by itself. As a consequence, C3PO offers a valuable opportunity for ICT companies that can extend the platform to cover the different steps of city co-design.

Project duration: 1.5.2014-30.4.2017.

The project is funded by the Tekes/ITEA2.

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Further information: Dr. Irina Fiegenbaum, irina.fiegenbaum(at)lut.fi

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