Green InterTraffic

Enhancing environmental safety of road intertraffic in the border areas of Russia and Finland applying innovation solutions.
LUT Kouvola participates in the project with the analysis of emissions arising from the use of gas-fueled engines in transportation (cars, buses, trucks, railways, and sea vessels) as being compared to traditional diesel and gasoline fueled systems. Organization has worked for long-time for the sustainability and lower emission issues of transportation logistics, however, earlier comparisons have been made solely to electrically powered systems. Currently gas-fueled sea vessels are taken in use within Finland, and several ones are at building stage (mostly due to strict environmental legislation of EU on Baltic Sea).

Project timeline: 2018 (late autumn / early 2019 - 2021 (late autumn).CBS program.

Partners: St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, St. Petersburg University, Transport Integration Ltd, LUT Kouvola, Institute of Radar Meteorology Ltd, Finnish Meteorological Institute.

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