Open Innovation SImulation (OISIM)

The simulation of open innovation is a two-year research project funded by Tekes. The project was implemented by LUT's Kouvola unit (coordinator) and the Department of Production Management at Tampere University of Technology.

The project focused on how strategic information management in an open innovation framework affects a company's information flows and financial performance. The research results provided additional information on strategic information management in companies, as well as tools that enable the company to move to an open innovation operating model.

The impact of information management measures was examined at the stratgic, operational and intellectual property levels in order to identify best practices to support and guide open innovation decision-making.

The research work included both simulation modeling to test different strategies in different operating environments and detailed case studies that can be used to refine conceptual models and provide real-world information for virtual experiments.

International partners in the project include Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Singapore Management University.

Project time: 1.4.2011 - 31.1.2013

More information: Marko Torkkeli



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