The  OVeRcoME  project objective  is  to  build  on  top  of  the  established  Open  Innovation  body  of  knowledge  a  set of  best  practices  and  tools specifically  tailored  to the  specificities  of  raw  material companies.  The key audience is initially the EIT RawMaterials community and later on, the whole EIT community. The project will draw from the principle of Open Innovation 2.0 and will draft the first set of tools aimed at helping companies from the Raw Material field to systematically foster and nurture an OI approach.

Partners: Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, LKAB, Sweden and Spinverse Oy, Finland. Call FPA 2016/EIT/EIT Raw Materials, KAVA Type   Entrepreneurship Support Services.
End date 31.3.2018. 

LUT Kouvola

LUT University, Kouvola Unit

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45100 Kouvola, Finland