MOSIM (End-to-end digital integration based on modular simulation of natural human motions) project seeks to radically improve the capability for cost-efficient and accurate digital modelling and simulation of human motion. MOSIM aims to develop and implement a generic concept inspired by the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard to address dramatically growing usefulness of modelling and simulation in industrial setting. MOSIM transfers the idea of co-simulating models from different simulation environments to the field of human simulation by means of introducing the Motion Model Units (MMU).

In MOSIM there are three major approaches to achieve the goals:

  • Concept and Implementation of an extensive library consisting of MMUs encapsulating various human motions regardless of the respective use-case.
  • Development of tailored approaches, enabling autonomous generation of plausible MMU sequences and context-dependent decision-making using recent AI methods.
  • Unifying both approaches, a co-simulator will be implemented, generating natural and continuous human motions by sequencing and executing the obtained set of MMUs using generic transition models.

LUT Kouvola / IEM focuses on business models, exploitation planning, dissemination leadership and supporting tecnical work from a management and business perspective. We also coordinate the efforts of the participating national consortium that includes Dark Amber Softworks (from Kouvola), Kesla, Raute and Mevea. Project time: NOV 2018 - AUG 2021.

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