Sustainability Science

The goal of the research field of Sustainability Science is to develop current processes and product systems towards sustainability and create methods to evaluate and develop sustainability of systems. In order to manage risks threatening sustainability it is necessary to find the most cost-effective and environmental friendly options for existing production and consumption habits. 

In order to support sustainable development system thinking is needed and the ability to combine several technologies in different applications. In Sustainability Science it is essential to examine different sectors of the product and service system as a wholeness throughout a life cycle. Such sectors consist of for example manufacturing processes, energy systems, waste treatment services, transport, and production systems of chemicals and materials. Life cycle modeling and other methods needed in system transition are the main methods used. The research in Sustainability Science also includes the business aspect which pursue added value for the business by promoting sustainability.

The dissertation topic in Sustainability Science is closely linked to the focal knowledge areas of the research groups as well as to the research projects and programmes underway at the time of the studies. Funding for research conducted by the research groups is applied for separately from domestic sources (Academy of Finland, Tekes, regional development funds, foundations); from international sources (the EU, Nordic countries funds, etc.); and from businesses operating in the same field. The dissertation may also be done in addition to one's regular employment. Even in that case an effort is made for the student to be as closely engaged as possible in the activities of the research groups.

Internationalization of doctoral students in the research field is supported. There are representatives of various nationalities working in the research groups, and the majority of doctoral students make a research visit abroad to cooperating universities for several months. Doctoral students have completed the international part of their studies at the University of California, Berkeley; the Technical University of Denmark; the University of Stuttgart; and Kaunas University of Technology, among other places. Moreover, doctoral students are able to take part in international seminars, conferences and study periods abroad.

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Sustainability Science
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