Package-Heroes is a research project funded by the Strategic Research Council functioning under the Academy of Finland. The five-year-project kicked off in the beginning of 2019 and finishes at the end of 2023.

The objective of Package-Heroes is to study and develop packaging solutions, which can address simultaneously food protection and the global and constantly increasing concern of plastic packaging waste.

Package-Heroes is focused on the following research questions:

1. How can sustainable food packaging go mainstream?

Work Package led by Natural Resources Institute Finland.

2. How can business ecosystems for sustainable food packaging be enabled?

Work Package led by Henri Hakala from LUT

3. How can consumers be encouraged to favor novel packaging solutions.

Work Package led by Nina Tynkkynen from Åbo Akademi.

4. Which new packaging solutions ( e.g.those based on cellulosic materials) are both environmentally and economically sustainable?

Work Package led by Tuula Packalen from Natural Resources Institute Finland.

5. How can political decision making promote sustainable packaging?

Work Package Policy led by Maria Åkerman from VTT.

The project will produce detailed scientific knowledge about the environmental effects of different packaging materials and solutions, and about the ways in which new packaging innovations can be commercialized and meet consumer preferences.

The overall goal is to construct a joint vision and pathways to a sustainable food packaging future for Finland and the world.

More information about the Package-Heroes project can be found on the projects website.