Fueled by an aging population with rising healthcare needs, increasing use of outpatient care, advancing wireless technology capability, continuing nursing shortage, and ever-diminishing healthcare resources, the market for wearable medical devices that grant anywhere-anytime access to information through ubiquitous communication is a rapidly developing area. For the healthcare industry, this boundless accessibility is especially important because patients' health conditions, including heart rate, calorie burn, sleep quality, and intensity of physical activities can be remotely and constantly monitored, stored and analyzed without boundaries via wearable devices equipped with a variety of sensors.

Q-Health is a joint project between Lappeenranta University and Technology and the University of Jyvaskyla, with funding from Business Finland, the finnish funding agency for technology and innovation. The overall aim of the project is to introduce a novel way of producing information about main daily energy consumption by means of thermal overload on the skin surface, from conceptualization through to commercialization.

The role of LBM Mikkeli is to provide business and commercial advice, and support to the Project Team and Steering Board through undertaking an in-depth market analysis and consumer needs assessment to identify key issues pertaining to the current and future markets dynamics and offerings, trends in device types, potential target markets and consumer groups, etc. This work will guide the activities in terms of commercial preparation and facilitation of future discussions with industrial players and potential partners.

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