Studying at the LUT School of Energy Systems

Climate change, food security and efficient use of energy are examples of climate challenges that will continue to intensify as the population grows. More and more experts are needed to ensure safe, economic and low-emissions technology and energy production, as well as access to renewable energy sources.

The LUT's strength is that all education related to energy has been centred in one unit. Studies at the LUT School of Energy Systems combine modern mechanical engineering with the techniques and systems required for the production, transfer and use of energy and management of environmental impacts. The common threads throughout the studies are energy-efficiency, material-efficiency and a sustainable future.

The LUT provides unique nuclear engineering studies. Additionally, the LUT has Finland's only professorship in welding technology, as well as the first wind power and solar economy professorships both in Finland and the Nordic countries.

The LUT School of Energy Systems meets current global challenges head on by educating experts to cater to the different branches of business and industry, who will take environmental matters into account.

During Bachelor's studies, students can focus on energy engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering or mechanical engineering, There are a total of seven Master's degree programmes taught in either Finnish or English, and five Doctoral programmes.

Bachelor's degree programmes

Master's degree programmes taught in Finnish

Master's degree programmes taught in English