Research at the LUT School of Engineering Science

The LUT School of Engineering Science stands out from its competition in its expertise based on real life problems. Our school develops production methods that are safer, more ecological and more energy-efficient than ever before, and creates cost-efficient solutions for industry and its various production phases. 

Our research combines technology, natural sciences and an expertise in engineering. We utilise these to solve future global challenges, such as energy, drinking water and natural resources security, as well as develop new applications for biosciences, medical sciences, environmental conservation, meteorology and digital media. Separation techniques and scientific computation are our School's areas of strength.

Profitable research, new innovation and swift applicability are the trade marks our School is known for.

Contact us

School of Engineering Science
Dean Riina Salmimies
Tel. +358 45 631 0917

Vice Dean Lea Hannola
Tel. +358 40 822 3982