Societal interaction

The LUT School of Engineering Science works in active cooperation with business and industry: the majority of activities are focused in this area. Our research activities range from modelling and experimental lab work to industrial scale production. Our expertise is quickly utilised by society and industry in the form of research results.

Our unit is a participant in international networks and an active actor in research. We have long-term experience and strong cooperation relationships with many European countries, Russia, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia. A diversified mix of regional, national and international companies are involved in our research projects.

We are also a simple place to start the search for specialised and motivated new talent. We promote business born through scientific research. Companies can seek new experts from among our students to e.g. work interns and compile a thesis.

Activities for different education levels

The LUT School of Engineering Science coordinates the activities of the Lappeenranta University of Technology's and Saimaa University of Applied Sciences' LUMA Centre Saimaa. The LUMA Centre supports and promotes teaching and learning of natural sciences, mathematics and technology at all education levels, as well as children's hobbies related to natural sciences, mathematics and technology.

LUMA Centre Saimaa organises science camps for youths, the annual Research and working life event for 7th year pupils and organises numerous visits to the university and outside the university to e.g. day-care centres.


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