DDI Deco: Digital energy ecosystem emergence (2015-2020)

Our aim is to model and analyze theoretically and empirically the creation and emergence of new service ecosystems enabled by digitalization in the energy sector. More specifically, we study how the various actors of the digital energy ecosystem collaborate to create value over time, and how the key actors and their institutional environment co-evolve over time. We collect qualitative data by interviewing experts from industry, ministries and academia as well as longitudinal case studies on emerging digital energy ecosystems. In addition to academic research findings we provide practical insights and understanding to support ecosystem actor decision-making.

Our project is part of a large multi-disciplinary research consortium consisting of research groups from Aalto, ETLA, LUT, VTT Technical Research Center of Finland and University of Turku. Our research consortium is funded by the Strategic Research Council at the Academy of Finland.


Project leader Professor Kirsimarja Blomqvist, Kirsimarja.blomqvist@lut.fi
Project manager Argyro Almpanopoulou, argyro.almpanopoulou@lut.fi