These rules and regulations for library use and loans are effective from 1.9.2019. LUT Academic Library reserves the right to update these rules and regulations as and when needed.

1. Libraries

LUT Academic Library is a scientific library that is open to all public. It has two campus libraries, one in Lappeenranta and one in Lahti.

2. Custom and the right to borrow

Library collections, services, premises, and equipment are available for all who agree to comply with these rules. The library reserves the right to restrict the use services or premises if necessary. If a customer does not comply with the library rules, their borrowing rights or other user rights may be suspended for a fixed term. Library customers register by giving the required customer information, which is stored in the register of the Library. The customer has a right to check their personal data in the Library register in accordance with The General Data Protection Regulation. The file description is available on the organization’s web page.

Library customers receive a library card by presenting an official identity card. The library card is personal. The card owner is responsible for use of the card and for the materials borrowed with it. If the card is lost, the card owner must inform LUT Academic Library about it without delay. The customer is also responsible for informing the Library about changes in their contact information (e.g. name, address, email).

The Library is not liable for damages to third party caused by using its materials or equipment.

3. Services

Borrowing material, renewals and placing reservations as well as interlibrary loans require a library card. Customers may use materials in the library without borrowing. During opening hours, library premises and services are open to all. Outside opening hours, only LUT Group students and staff are authorized in the library.

LUT Academic Library customers may use the available digital material (like books, journals) according to the license agreements and terms of conditions. Loan periods for the different library collections vary. The library reserves the right to change loan periods and restrictions to the collection. If the loans are not returned or renewed on time, the library customer is charged a late fine according to the currently valid library price list.

The customer’s borrowing rights are forfeited if the fines exceed the limit set in the currently valid price list. The customer will be notified of overdue loans. After the last overdue notice, the customer will be invoiced for the unreturned loans. The invoice is collectable. The library customer is responsible for loss or damaged library materials, and must compensate or replace them according to the currently valid library price list.

Overdue fines are charged even if renewals online have failed due to technological malfunction, such as an interruption to online services. Undelivered email or other electronic notices of impending due dates are also considered technical malfunctions, i.e. fines are charges even if the notices remain undelivered.

Library material can be requested through the web service. The customer will be notified when the requested material arrives at the library. The customer may not request material, which they have currently on loan. A request fee may be charged from the customer if they do not collect the requested item.