LUT's operations in Mikkeli started in 2002. The total strength of the personnel varies from year to year. In the spring of 2022, five professors from LUT University and their research groups work in the unit.

The unit's modern separation technology equipment can be utilized on a laboratory and pilot scale, ie from the molecular level to process concepts. Biological water treatment, a large algae laboratory and comprehensive analytical capabilities are the unit’s specialties.


LUT Mikkeli 

Mikkeli University Center

Lönnrotinkatu 7

50100 Mikkeli

Separation Science 

Sammonkatu 12

50130 Mikkeli



Separation Science in Mikkeli

Research work for finding new solutions to prevent and decrease environmental pollution. Developing novel nano-based materials for water purification. Develops thin film materials and processes to enable energy saving, resource-use reduction, pollution removal and bioactive applications.

Bioenergy research in Mikkeli

Studies supply systems and handling technologies of biomass for energy use. Applies study methods to evaluate economical and environmental performance.

LUT Business School in Mikkeli

LBS Business Studies competence area also has an active, Mikkeli-based research group in Entrepreneurship.  Beyond high quality academic research, the special mission of the group is to support positive economic development in the region through collaborative research and development activity.



LUT University master's student sitting on a concrete block at the shore

Master's Programme in Water Technology

Every day, two million tons of sewage and industrial and agricultural wastewater is discharged into water bodies.



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